Impressive Reasons for Organizations to Initiate Data Literacy for Non-tech Workforce

Every online business collects data and it is assumed to be a valuable asset. Data experts handle the collection, review, and management of data. Unfortunately, data scientists or experts have to work with non-tech coworkers and are often upset.

The coworkers lack basic data understanding and skills. Besides, stakeholders are unsatisfied because their data requests are taking very long or their queries are incompetently answered. Management feels discontent as they don’t gain any insights or statistics needed to validate or create business strategies. Insufficient and inefficient communication due to lack of data knowledge causes such issues.

Therefore, in this digital era, businesses need to take initiatives in offering their non-tech employees a chance to learn basic data skills. Data literacy implementation across the business helps to develop digital culture and mentality that will lead the company towards the path of success. Some good reasons for organizations to approach EWSolutions, a reliable data management consulting agency is given below.

Enter the fast track lane and become a data-driven company

Data literacy is essential to attain data-driven business. With data skills employees can take advantage of the vast detailed data and different advanced tools. Besides, increase in business processes automation needs workforce in traditional business roles, understand how to collect, process, and manage data. Poor data skills can inhibit the growth of an organization and it can ultimately freeze. Alternatively, with data literacy across the business operations are more streamlined as data insights are identified without waiting for data scientists to decode the insights.

Informed and smart decisions are taken

Data collection is useless until it is used competently. The insights of data need to be deciphered for making informed and smart business decisions. Data helps to support strategies, objectives, concepts, and offer employees a purpose.

Make insights available to all

Professional data scientists or translators are recruited to take advantage of the collected data. The data insights are expressed visually for a better understanding of everyone involved, especially the decision-makers. Even for non-data team’s data visualization and translation helps to manage manufacturing efficiencies, convince potential buyers using objective evidence or optimize employee performance.

Migrate to customer-centric business

Data usage allows a business to migrate to a committed customer-centric organization because with user data understanding the existing product can be modified or a new product is developed accordingly. The customer support or marketing department can better understand customer’s desires and issues.

Data literacy – a must-have skill for every employee

MS Office was a must-have skill for every employee but today data is a new skill for every professional activity ranging from a counter clerk to a sales manager. Employees can capably use the data to influence their daily activities and core business decisions. Used rightly can allow each employee to reach their goal and display great performance, thus contribute massively to the overall company productivity and growth.

Lack of data literacy is a crucial inhibitor in the successful digital transformation of your business. It is time to enhance data literacy, so approach data management consultancy and take action!


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