Pandemic Situation May Further Change the Rules About Office Space Size

The whole world has gone through a pandemic situation due to COVID-19 since the beginning of the last year. The fear of the virus is still there despite the arrival of the vaccine. Therefore, most office-based businesses are trying to ensure that their workspace is efficiently managed and allocated.

Due to these new developments that was created due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the rules regarding office spaces are likely to change. If you are interested to carry out your office refurbishment UK then you must get in touch with the GXI Group, which is a well-experienced company in this field.

The following are a few ways that your work and also workplace may get changed.

  1. Augmented reality workstations

So far Facebook has been actively working on developing futuristic office and desk set ups, where virtual screens will float in the air so that people can resize them. This is all about virtual reality that can enable people to switch between the real and virtual world.

  1. The socially distanced office

Office desks became shrunk over the last few years, from 1.8M to 1.6M, and now to 1.4M and less, but now we will see a reversal of such trend. Now people will not prefer to sit so much close to each other.

  1. Simple solutions

Employees will now be asked to get a paper placemat meant for their desk. After the working hours, the paper will be thrown away, which may also help in mitigating COVID-19 spread on surfaces.

  1. Closed plan

For decades office fashion has been including open-plan working however due to COVID-19, things may reverse of this mega-trend, which may lead to perhaps a closed-plan future.

  1. More signs

You may find many different signs in your office too that you can mostly see on the road. One possible approach may be encouraged to employees walking clockwise, to create one-way flow for minimizing transmission.

  1. Contactless technology 

To reduce disease transmission companies will also be told to invest in new contactless technologies. Technology may also be used for reminding every employee to maintain social distancing.

  1. Rebuild

Looking at the gravity of the present situation, a few companies may also need to go for the builders either for retrofit, or any of the businesses may go for a more radical rebuild.

  1. Fresh air

As good ventilation is key to prevent the spread of the virus of COVID-19, one big trend could be by simply opening a window since many offices are at present fully sealed.

  1. Co-working

There is every possibility that the recent boom in many co-working companies, where many start-ups may share buildings, and also in some cases same desks.

However, after the pandemic, a few companies are still preferring to put their whole team in a single place.

  1. Greetings

Handshake greetings are not at all preferred these days and this trend is going to continue even some more time. In France, greeting by kissing has completely stopped. So, a new form of greeting will soon emerge.

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