Know the Difference Between Genuine Leather, Faux Leather and Vegan Leather

Everybody has at least one leather bag in their collection. It may not necessarily be a genuine leather, but could be faux leather. Though there is a difference in material, you would not mind having either of them. Both have their own benefits and disadvantage. Another type of leather that has become popular in the recent years is the ‘vegan’ leather. You can say that it is an eco-friendly alternative to the other two types of leather.

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What Is the Basic Difference Between Genuine, Faux and Vegan Leather?

  • Genuine Leather: Real leather is made from animal hides, usually of cattle, but can be of any other animal. The skin is prepared through the tanning process. You can add the color only after this. Although many people have a notion that genuine leather promotes animal cruelty, the fact is that it is only a by-product of food industry.

When cattle are slaughtered for consumption the skin would go to waste if not used in making leather. However, of course there are numerous instances of killing species only for their skin or horns.

  • Faux Leather: Also called artificial or synthetic leather, this type of leather is made completely from the plastic material. The color and texture become prominent after you treat it with dye, wax or polyurethane. Since, it is made up of plastic material, it is not breathable unlike real leather. It’s also far less costly than genuine leather.
  • Vegan Leather: Some refer leather made of polyurethane as vegan, but it can be made from more sustainable materials like cork, fruit waste, pineapple leaves or other plant materials. Plastic materials produce chemical waste and therefore, are not eco-friendly. Production of all-natural vegan leather has not yet reached a level where you can find it in market in ample amount. The rate of success depends on more researches in this area.


Genuine leathers are far more durable than any other type of leather. It can even last for few decades if you take care of it properly. They have their unique charm as no one hide is exactly similar in texture. With the passing years, the leather acquires its unique folds and texture.

However, for artificial leather the durability is not much compared to genuine leather. No matter how high-quality material is used, with every use it would suffer more damage. Scratches and cracks are one of the most common reasons for discarding artificial leather bags.

Though real leather bags are costly they are cost-effective on the long run. So, make your purchase after considering the reason why you want it – whether for seasonal trend or an investment that would benefit you for a long time.

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