What is the Best Used Truck to Buy?

When you purchase a used truck, you won’t feel bad about wear and tear. After all, you need a truck that was made to handle whatever life throws at you. You don’t want to spend a lot of money for a pristine new vehicle only to realize that that brand new condition did not last long. When buying a used vehicle, you avoid the stress caused by worrying about maintaining that brand new condition you paid a lot of money for. This is the number one reason people buy a pre-owned vehicle instead of a brand new one, it is significantly less expensive. When shopping for a used vehicle instead, you’ll see much lower prices and therefore have more options available to you. For many reasons, a used truck is the right choice for you. The only question is, which one?


#1 Used GMC Sierra 1500 When you see a GMC badge, you know it is a good truck. There’s a lot to love about a GMC truck, particularly the Sierra 1500. There’s several trim levels available, including the base level SLT all the way up to the super luxurious Denali. A GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is so exceptional that even a truck a few years old will be far superior to anything else on the road. Whichever trim level you choose, a GMC Sierra will offer the cargo capacity and towing capacity you need, and the longevity you’re looking for in a used vehicle.

#2 GMC Canyon Compared to other pickups, the Canyon is noteworthy because it has the GMC badge you want with the reliability you need. This model ranked just as well in many key areas as the Sierra 1500, it’s just smaller. In fact, the Canyon’s ratings were consistent for the decade so you can know for sure you’re getting a great truck no matter which model year you find. While reliability ratings can change, Consumer Reports ratings for the GMC Canyon were virtually the same for this period. The Canyon’s engine and transmission were solid throughout the decade. You can know this is a great truck!

#3 Nissan Frontier. When you see “Nissan,” you may think of sporty cars and functional SUVs, but the truth is that their trucks are great too. Given the records of compact and full-size pickups, Nissan Frontier’s high-reliability ratings throughout the decade are worth noticing. That’s right, going back an entire decade you can trust this truck to be reliable. Since 2010, Nissan Frontier has two top scores, five years above the average, and just one average year. That is great news for used truck shoppers!

When buying a used truck, you’ll find exactly what you want and need, for a sticker price you’re happy with! Of course, this is only if you find the right one. Be smart and take your time! Be sure to purchase a brand that is well known for dependability, so you can feel confident. You want a used truck that you know still has many good years to come.

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