Few Myths that You Must Have Heard About Drain Cleaning

If your drain at home ever gets blocked then it can always be a nuisance. It can either lead to unpleasant smell or it can also overflow your bathroom or even enter your room and damage your furniture.

If you come under such situation then it will be better to call Wilco Plumbing service, as they can provide plumbing services during odd hours of the day. Sometimes the situation becomes so much worse that you cannot afford to postpone such problems.

However, often many of you must have heard few myths about cleaning of drain, but it is essential that you must also know the fact rather than believing in myths.

1. All drains work in similar manner

Pipe routings and drain design will depend upon layout of your home which may always vary from home to home. You cannot expect the same solution for all homes. Therefore, it is essential that you must be aware about your piping layout.

2. Only cleaners brought from stores are effective drain cleaner

Often people buy hydrochloric acids that are commonly sold in the market to clean the drain clogging. However, this is harmful to the environment. There are few home solutions too available like baking soda or vinegar and hot water, which can also help in many cases.

3. Every plumber that you find can do drain cleaning

Most plumbers have to deal with drain cleaning, but every plumber may not be specialized in this activity. Always prefer an expert otherwise you may end up creating more problem for you.

4. If your sink is blocked then it will cost you very high to repair it

Without proper checking the actual issue, you cannot assume that drain cleaning will always be an expensive repair. Take the service of an expert plumber who will suggest cost-effective way to clear the drain clogging.

5. With the help of snake you can solve all kinds of drain blockages

Certainly, plumbing snakes are quite useful for cleaning the drain, but in certain cases they too may fail and rather can damage your pipes. Plumbers have got the right tool and he can decide appropriate tool depending upon the situation.

6. Anyone can resolve the drain blockage issue

Often people tend to believe that all kinds of drain blockage can be addressed by DIY way and as a result, damage the pipe line too, which may become an expensive problem to fix. Consult with any expert plumber to repair your drain.

7. If your sink is draining slowly then it will resolve itself

Don’t ever ignore if your sink has started draining slowly. It can be an early sign of certain bigger problem and that can never resolve by it.

8.  Calling a professional plumber can be too expensive

Many people are scared to call any professional plumber thinking that their charges will be very high. However, it is not true. Any professional plumbing company will charge reasonably based on the problem.

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