Advanced SEO Techniques For Generating More Traffic In 2020

Advanced SEO techniques are those techniques prepared by specialists for gaining knowledge and expertise about products and services. These help in changing the rankings of Google algorithms. SEO helps in declaring fair results. Businesses find it hard to succeed without proper use of SEO rankings.

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When using SEO, it builds people’s trust and some of the benefits of Advanced SEO techniques for easy wins are listed as under:

  • Using mobile ranking

By the year 2015, many people started using websites in their mobile phones making owners make SEO friendly content even visible on mobile phones. By increasing mobile ranking, the business ranking increases.

The Mobile version is used for indexing and also ranking. Be sure of keeping both desktop and mobile versions for providing structured data. Try creating content easily readable over phones and you can make use of Google took for checking the SEO ranking as well.

  • Creating optimization for increasing speed

The first experience of users can turn out to be the last if they do not find the required speed for checking out the website. Try using JPEG, TinyPNG, etc. for optimizing the images also. There is so many images editing software helping you in the best way possible. Site speed projects one of the crucial factors ranking all search engines.

  • Try developing internal linking process

It doesn’t matter what is the size of your business but a great linking process is a must. When you don’t proceed on with the linking process, your pages won’t appear on the search engines creating a bad name for your company.

Linking creates connections between pages and shows the relevance of your page from others. If any team member writes the content and others publish it, they both can use SEO content and links for keeping the company in a better position.

  • Using keywords

Properly using keywords is a must in advanced SEO. Try maintaining the natural flow of keywords while writing content. Targeting the right keywords put forward better ROI investments. When you are planning of hiring for digital marketing services, hire writers knowing the efficient use of keywords.

You can use Google keyword planner for finding the right keywords. The keyword planner helps in providing keyword variations.

  • Try shorter meta descriptions

Google has brought its Meta descriptions back to 160 characters, which is a mandatory. Write Meta descriptions shortly with relevant words. Do not reveal everything in the description itself. All companies providing SEO services know to write shorter descriptions for attracting more traffic.


Structured data plays an integral part in SEO plans. Come up with trending topics always for using SEO rankings to the best. All of these techniques will put your webpage on the foremost of Google.

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