How To Recover The Falling SERP Ranking Of Your Business

A drop in the search engine optimization rankings can be quite terrifying. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry.  There is a lot that can be done for recovering from the reduction in SEO rankings of the business.

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In this article, we will tell you about specific manageable steps to recover from a decline in search rankings.

Reasons for decrease in SEO rankings

You made changes recently on the website

The alterations you made on the website can adversely impact your website rankings. Forming structural changes to the site will help drifting to a new server or to make significant variations that can influence your rankings. Google rankings may fall suddenly if you do not have appropriate 301 redirects in place.

Smaller changes such as the addition to images and videos can impact the rankings too. It can reduce the speed of the page, which causes users to click away before the loading of the page. This behavior of online website viewers tells Google that they did not find the webpage useful. It can result in low rankings.

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to find whether alterations in the website have resulted in the loss of page speed and rankings.

Accidental changes in the website

If you did not make any intentional changes on your website, then it can lead to technological errors, as well as accidental changes. In such a case, it is required that you find out accidental changes, revert them, and regain your rankings.

Check for errors in the server logs that are making your website temporarily unavailable. It can lead to recurring, or long-term issues, that can damage your website rankings as well. It may be possible that you move to a new hosting plan, or service provider firm.

Loss of links

Backlinks are a very important factor to rank website on top pages of the Google page. If you lose several links, you would find a dramatic reduction in Google rankings. Several tools in the market show how many links have been lost or gained by the business.

It also tells the reason behind the loss of links such as a redirect, or broken links. In this way, you can get good clarity on this topic.  It can also be the case if the linking website has accidentally removed it. An effective approach is to query the linking website to swap the backlinks that they have removed.

Significant changes made by your competitors

If you think that the changes made by the competitor have caused a decline in rankings, then monitor the website of your competitors’ website. It will assist in determining the type of variations they make and how it impacts their website. Respond quickly and precisely if a competitor surpasses your webpage rankings in search results.


A slight drop in your website rankings on search engine results page is not a serious concern. You can regain your original rankings by taking proactive series of steps. Getting assistance from an SEO provider can be beneficial to regain your lost rankings.

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