3 Popular Types of Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Before a person is hired at a company, they might be required to take a drug test. There are various different types of tests that might be completed. The purpose is to ensure that they are not taking any drugs that might affect their work. While this is mandatory at federal jobs, it’s an option for private employers. Here are some of the most popular options for a pre-employment drug test.

Urine Test

The most common type of drug test that a company will require is a urine test. This type of testing requires the candidate to attend a medical facility designed for this purpose and to urinate in a cup. This has long been the go-to test for businesses due to its cost effectiveness, efficiency, and success rate. A urine test can detect a wide variety of drugs even after the effects have worn off. This provides an accurate result for the employer to tell if the potential employee has taken any drugs in the past and might in the future.

Oral Fluid Test

While a urine test is commonly used by employers, the person completing the test has to be left alone to provide the sample. This leaves doubt for many employers as to the validity of the test as some people might be able to cheat. Oral fluid tests are becoming more popular with employers because it takes away this potential. A quick swab of the saliva inside of the candidate’s mouth will provide the necessary sample, ensuring that they can’t cheat the test. The result of the test will tell if the candidate has ingested drugs in the past two days. Similar to urine testing, this is another cost effective way of testing candidates that apply for a job.

Hair Testing

Similar to an oral fluid test, hair testing is becoming more popular due to the inability of people to cheat the test. While urine and and saliva tests can detect alcohol use, hair testing is solely used to detect drug use. This type of testing can detect any drugs that have been ingested in the past 90 days. The test usually involves cutting 100 strands of hair close to the scalp for testing.

There are various different kinds of tests that can be completed to tell if a person has used drugs. While urine tests are still the most popular, oral fluid and hair testing are becoming more popular among businesses. This allows them to determine if there will be a drug problem with an employee in the future. These are three most popular options for a pre-employment drug test from which to choose.

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