Gravity Bong Benefits and How to Make Bucket and Waterfall Bongs at Home

Geeb or gravity bongs are home-made cannabis consuming devices. In the past, when people wished to increase the high level, they got creative and designed gravity bongs.

The benefits of gravity bongs

The two major benefits of geebs are –

  • Efficacy – It allows you to get a high instantly. An experienced stoner feels stoned with not more than 2 to 3 hits.
  • Economic – The bowl piece is small [usually the top of a small bottle], so very little dry herb is needed. 

Do you get high using gravity bongs?

Yes! Gravity bongs force the heavily concentrated smoke in your lungs. The smoke you inhale is beyond an average hit from joint or pipe. You are breathing an entire bowl of weeds in one go. Therefore, gravity bongs are not recommended for beginners and people with a faint heart. A gravity bong is associated with college students and teenagers, especially guys. 

Is DIY better than buying?

DIY making of gravity bongs is easy and fun but if you don’t desire to build one then visit You can get high-quality gravity bongs that are durable and affordable. Many homemade smoking devices are made from single-use plastic bottles. These can release chemicals on heating, which can get into your lungs as you inhale. It is wise to use glass and avoid the risks associated with plastic material. 

Homemade gravity bong styles

Gravity bongs are of two styles – Bucket bongs and Waterfall bongs. 

How to make a Bucket bong?

A plastic bottle is submerged in a large container filled with water. Gravity is harnessed to pull smoke down inside the bottle, which lifts above the water as smoke fills in. The small bottle top is covered with an aluminum foil with tiny holes. The dry herb is placed on the foil. 

The bottom of the small bottom is cut and then it is submerged in a large container [bottle or bucket]. With a lighter, the dry herbs are heated and the bottle is slowly pulled upwards with another hand as the smoke gets filled inside. 

The moment a small bottle gets filled with smoke, remove the aluminum foil, and put your mouth and inhale. While inhaling, push the bottle downwards and allow gravity propels the smoke in your lungs. 

How to make a waterfall bong?

Only one big plastic bottle is needed. Only gravity is used to fill the bottle with smoke. The top includes bowl and mouthpiece like bucket bong. There is a hole in the bottom, which needs to be covered with your index finger as the bottle is filled up to the neck with water. 

While lighting you will need a sink because as the lighter is sparked and the herb starts heating move your finger aside. The moment water from the bottle flows away, remove the foil and inhale the smoke with your mouth. 

Tips – Whenever you light the herb make sure that the flame is away from the plastic components. It can contaminate the taste. The moment weeds start to cherry put the flame out and everything will go smoothly. 

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