Keeping Your Employees Safe During COVID and Beyond

Keeping your employees safe is an important responsibility. Here are some ways you can help keep them healthy during COVID and throughout the rest of the year.


Limiting staff to only essential workers and having any personnel that are high risk for infection remain at home is key. You can also practice social distancing and organize shifts where no more than 10 workers are present at any time.  Employees should be encouraged to wear masks or respirators and to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.

Frequent hand washing with soap and water is also important to help deter the virus. If running water and soap are not immediately available an antibacterial hand solution with at least 60 percent alcohol will be an adequate replacement. If you have the ability to allow workers to remote in or telecommute this can be a very good alternative as well. If you must interact with your customers to do business encourage drive-up or delivery options only and ensure the employees who come into contact with the customers have appropriate safety gear.

 Nonphysical Threats

As well as protecting your employees from the spread of disease there are other invisible risks that should be evaluated as well. One is cyber crime. A training course where you teach staff internet safety practices is also a good idea. Encourage them not to share passwords or open suspicious looking email attachments. Another tip is to limit the proprietary information and who is allowed to access it. Have a seniority system in place where trade information is allowed to be accessed according to tenure.

 Another immaterial threat that has very real consequences is that of interpersonal conflict. Especially during a time of crisis where everyone is stressed and anxious, tempers can be short and nerves raw. You could hold a meeting where your HR manager briefs employees on what you are doing to keep them safe, and ensure them that if they need to voice any issues or concerns you will listen. Respond to workers’ concerns in a confidential and efficient manner so they feel heard and understood.

 Physical Threats

There are also some physical threats that you can work to improve as well. How is the safety of you building? Is the parking lot well lit and are the doors secure? How about the air quality and health of the environment? If you work with any hazardous chemicals a portable gas leak detector for sale or chemical wash station will be essential. How about fire equipment? Now can be a good time to check the building’s fire alarms and have fire extinguishers refilled.

From identity theft to interpersonal conflict, from Corona to a fire drill, there are many ways  you can protect your employees from physical and nonphysical threats they may face at work. So find a portable gas leak detector, up the strength of your firewall, hand out masks, and let your staff know that you care about them and their safety.

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