Why an Attorney Might Turn Your Case Down

No one has ever hired a car accident attorney in Kansas City and thought to themselves they had no case. Likewise, no lawyer has ever taken a case they felt they might lose. Here are some reasons why an attorney might tell you “no” after hearing the particulars of your case.

Your Story has Holes

Holes do not always mean the person telling the story is creating them. Sometimes, a case just has too many unknowns to be able to stand up a court case. For example, if an accident happened on a busy thoroughfare and there are no witnesses. Or, if the eyewitnesses’ accounts are all over the map. Both create significant challenges to the party trying to prove negligence.

You are Partly to Blame

It is difficult to prove negligence led to an injury if you contributed to that injury significantly. For example, if law enforcement conclude your speed added to the likelihood of an accident, it will come out in court and it will undermine your accusation of negligence. If you allege a serious injury and are caught on video playing tennis, your case will also take a huge hit. In either case, an attorney may turn you down.

Your Damages are Not Worth the Effort

If you were not injured significantly or your vehicle was not totaled or worth a whole lot of money, an attorney might turn you down. This is because as an attorney, he is in business to make money. If your case is not a money-maker, it defeats the purpose of all the effort it would take to win.

They are Not the First, or Third Attorney You’ve Approached

A good attorney will ask you up front if you have presented your case to any other attorneys. If they said no, or if several said no, it raises red flags. At best, the attorney you are discussing your case with will want to hear why other attorneys turned it down.

This again falls under the category of lawyers in business to make money. A loss in court is bad for you, it could be catastrophic for the reputation of your attorney. If you have been turned down a lot, there is a reason why and every attorney you discuss the case with will want to know why.

These are four of the most common reasons why an attorney would turn down a case. During your consultation with an car accident attorney in Kansas City you will be told if your case has merit; if it does not, your prospective attorney will decline the case and tell you why, which can be a clue as to how to move forward.

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