Why Palm Beach Is the Ideal Place to Live In

Looking for a place to settle in is a significant decision, whether you’re living on your own or starting a family. This choice often hinges on what a locality has to offer in terms of safety, conveniences, and amenities.

If you’re considering Palm Beach, luxury real estate companies can help you find the best neighborhood that will meet your needs. Whatever your goals are, below are some reasons why this place is a good choice.

No State Income Tax

Only six other states (which are Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming) in the entire nation enjoy this privilege. This advantage is especially great for breadwinners since it allows them to bring home more of what they earn to their family.

Excellent Schools

Each year, the state of Florida calculates school ratings based on several factors, such as student scores on statewide exams. As of 2019, Palm Beach has 89 educational establishments that were given an A grade.

With 185 learning institutions to its name, Palm Beach has the eleventh largest school district in the nation. Aside from its numerous elementary and high schools, the county also has seven state colleges and a few top-notch universities.

Golfing Destination

Considered as the state’s golfing capital, Palm Beach is the top choice among professionals, retirees, and enthusiasts who want to tee off when they feel the need to. Palm Beach County has 160 private and public golf courses, the highest number in Florida.

Thriving Arts, Music, and Entertainment Communities

Palm Beach takes pride in offering diverse arts, culture, and entertainment options. There are dozens of galleries for you to explore, various museums to visit, and live music venues to check out during the weekends.

Breathtaking Beaches

Palm Beach is the perfect place for you if you love the sun, sand, and sea. In West Palm Beach alone, you’ll find 47 miles of white sandy beaches. There are plenty of areas that are accessible to the public, from the Ocean Reef Park to Juno Beach.

The county is the ideal neighborhood for water activity enthusiasts. Apart from swimming, some of the things that you can do here include boating, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, and canoeing.

If you’re inclined to live near the water, there are many communities that you can choose to move to. Talk to a Palm Beach real estate company and tell them what you’re looking for in a beachfront home.

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