Get Away for the Weekend with These Kid-Approved Ideas

School, activities and work can keep families busy during the week, making weekends the only time for families to be together. But even most weekends can be a challenge to get out and do something when you’re catching up on forgotten chores around the house. Here are some ideas for weekend getaways in Georgia that can help you slow down and spend some quality time together.


There’s something to be said about spending a night or two in the “wild.” You escape the city and really learn to unplug and just enjoy being in the moment with all the sounds of nature around you. Camping varies from car camping where you drive up to your site to hike-in camping that offers a bit more of a rugged experience where you hike a mile or more into your campsite. Campfire meals and sleeping under the stars will help create some amazing memories for the kids.

Mini Road Trip

Kids love short road trips that don’t require long hours in the car, so a mini road trip is a great way to get out of the city but not be too far from home. Some options can be exploring some of the state’s natural wonders like Stone Mountain or Providence Canyon; visiting a popular tourist spot like the city of Helen; touring never-visited museums or special places like the World of Coca-Cola; or dropping by to visit family and/or friends you might not have seen in a while. Although it’s a short trip, you’ll still need to make the drive bearable while also ensuring it’s memorable. Pack along new toys or play a new movie on your DVD player or tablet so they can be entertained in the car. And also let the kids choose an activity to do during your trip so they feel they’ve made an investment in your weekend family getaways.

Indulge in Nature

Georgia has a variety of landscapes to discover. If you’re rarely outside the metro city limits, you may not know that in addition to the beaches, there are mountains and canyons to explore. Find a bed and breakfast somewhere that’s kid-friendly and go on adventures to discover all that Georgia has to offer. Visit Tallulah Gorge and hike the Rim Trail and hike down over 1,200 stairs to the bottom of the gorge. Plan to make a weekend of it by chasing waterfalls all over Georgia. Toccoa Falls in Northeast Georgia is a 185-foot free-falling waterfall that is on the campus of Toccoa Falls College and a short walk from the gift shop to the falls. Or head to the coast and visit Tybee Island and enjoy a few days unwinding and playing on the beach.

Whether you go far from home or spend the weekend somewhere near home, finding time in your busy schedules to fit in some weekend family getaways once in awhile are necessary for the entire family. Remember that a family that plays together stays together. Now go and make some memories!

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