Accent Wall Ideas for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most frequented areas inside the house. So, it’s only fitting that this space should look its best, which is something you can achieve with an accent wall.

Don’t worry. Getting professional help is easy nowadays. You just have to type “expert painters near me” on the search bar and voila! Names of trusted painting companies will be shown in the results. Read on to learn more about design ideas you can try for this home project.


An ombre wall creates a dreamy, water-colored effect that covers the spectrum of two colors (or more). Any pair will do, just pick those that aren’t too contrasting with each other; fading from orange to blue doesn’t really workwell.

You can pick two variations of one color. Chocolate brown and light taupe will blend well with each other, giving a cozy look to your living room. Medium teal and soft mint may also work for you. If you want three, you can imitate the scene of a sun setting with red, orange, and yellow, or when it rises using soft blue, lilac, and pale yellow.

Color Block

Having one solid color for all the walls of your living room can be overwhelming to the eyes. Instead, you can choose a single shade and turn it into the focal point of the space. If you want, pick the hue that best reflects your personality. You can also opt for ones that stimulate the mood.

Blue can calm you. It helps clear your mind, steady your breathing, and make you feel relaxed and centered. Yellow can increase your energy, and red can stir excitement and stimulate your adrenaline.

Rainbow Artwork

If you can’t pick just one or two colors, just go for the entire rainbow and paint one wall with all of its shades. Or, if you’re an art lover, why not turn the surface into a full-wall version of your favorite artist’s creation? Maybe Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Claude Monet’s Water Lily Pond is your cup of tea.

If you think making a giant artwork isn’t doable, you can always hire a professional painter to help you.


If you want a fun and functional accent wall, you can try using chalkboard paint. This gives you and your family the versatility to turn the surface into something new every time you like.

This accent wall can also double as an extra-large notepad where you can write your to-do list for the day or your favorite novel quotes and movie lines. Chalkboard paints used to be manufactured only in black, but nowadays, manufacturers offer a variety of other colors to their clients.

Accent walls are a great way to add something extra to an ordinary living room. Take note of these design ideas and work with professional painters in Milton to get the best results.

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