How Effective Are Masks to Reduce Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has spread to almost all countries in the world and hence it has been declared a pandemic. The disease causes respiratory illnesses and ultimately death. The virus is believed to be spreading through droplets and fluids coming out of the nose and mouth of infected people during sneezing, coughing, etc. With the large number of people being infected, there has been a shortage in the number of face masks and respiratory masks.

People have tried to buy and stock up as many surgical masks as they can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These masks are effective N95 masks that are mostly used by dentists and health care professionals when treating sick patients. These masks are known to be the most effective as it filters out 95% of foreign particles.

Custom Earth Promos is a manufacturing company that manufactures reusable bags made out of recycled materials such as cotton and jute. Their shopping bags can also be customized to use as promotional products. In this global emergency, they also make respiratory layered masks that you can wear when going outdoors. They produce these masks that can help you protect your nose and mouth region from foreign particles.

Are respiratory masks effective?

Many Asian countries have mandated people to wear masks when stepping out of their homes regardless of whether they are infected by the virus or not. This could reduce the spread of the coronavirus but it cannot eliminate it. It is said to only have a modest effect on the spread of the virus.

However, because the people have been buying these masks in bulk due to the panic, there is a shortage of masks for the people actually in need of it. Nurses and health care workers need these masks to treat patients suffering from this disease. If the shortage persists, then there will be even more deaths because of the coronavirus.

The general public does not require the use of surgical masks if they are not infected by the virus. The best prevention technique is to practice social distancing. We can stay home and avoid crowded places, maintain a 6 feet distance from another person, and other isolation techniques that prevent any contact from other people.

The greatest benefit of the mask can be seen when the infected patients are masked, not the entire public. The masked infected patients can use masks to make sure that they are not spreading the virus every time they sneeze or cough. This could prevent the spread to numerous people.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) masks

Due to the shortage of respiratory masks, people have started making their masks through cloth materials. This is not going to be as effective as the surgical mask as it only filters 10% to 40% of foreign particles. Thus, instead of using surgical and DIY masks, we must self-isolate ourselves.


The information above shows that masks can help reduce the spread of the virus not stop it. The doctors and nurses need these masks more than the public. Thus, we should reduce our need for the mask and stay home to fight the virus.

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