Summer Fun Awaits Just outside Your Door

Anyone living in the American South knows summers can be brutal. There are ways to keep your family cool in the summer. You can insulate your home completely and keep everyone indoors where the air conditioning system will maintain a constant comfortable temperature. You can join a country club with an outdoor pool and pay astronomical fees. Not to mention the time it takes to load all the water toys into the yard, and drive to the club. Or you can add a pool in your own backyard and be only steps away from comfort and family fun. Adding a pool can be tricky, though, unless you work with certified swimming pool builders in Atlanta.

What Are the First Steps?

Before you call a pool builder, you need to make some decisions. Decide where the best spot is in the backyard in which to put the pool, keeping in mind overhanging trees and shady areas. Measure the area and plan accordingly. Decide what special features you want in the pool, such as slides, diving boards, waterfalls and fountains, built-in benches, rock formations, or a pool and spa combination. Determine how you will use the pool. Do you want a dedicated swim lane, a playscape for your children, or nets installed for water sports? Will you need special lighting for nighttime pool parties? Do you want a standard size pool or something totally custom? Will the pool be above ground, or built-in? Is your ideal pool constructed with a vinyl liner or made from concrete or gunite? Once you have answered these basic questions, you’re real to contact a pool builder.

What Type of Company Do You Need?

Look for a company who has a top rating for customer service. They should place a high emphasis on honesty and integrity and be willing to work with you to create the best possible pool for your yard. They should schedule a visit to observe the space you’ve carved out and make recommendations on the best approach. Once you’ve determined the best location and layout, the builder should obtain all necessary permits. They should also present you with an estimate to complete the job before they turn the first shovel of dirt. Look for a company who is recognized by the industry as a top pool builder. These are a few things to look for when searching for swimming pool builders in Atlanta

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