Know The Memphis Crime Rate Statistics To Ensure Safety Before You Move

According to some statistics, it is said that Memphis is the worst place to live because of the crime rates prevailing there. When it comes to safety Memphis is given 148th place out of 150 cities in the U.S.

Crimes can be categorized into, violent crime rate, robberies, rapes, murders and assaults. To know more about crime rates in Memphis visit,

Crime Rates In Memphis

Annual crime rate in Memphis shows, for every 1000 people, violent crime rate was 20.03 and property crime rate was 64.83. In Memphis, there is a chance of becoming a victim to a violent crime in the proportion of 1 in 51.

Of a population more than 650 thousand people, crime rates are categorized as: 186 murder cases, 494 rape cases, 3052 robbery cases, and 8,956 assaults.

In Memphis, there is 1 in 15 chances of one becoming a victim to a property crime. For every 1000 people, there is 13.09 burglary, 44.74 theft cases and 7 vehicle theft.

Comparison Of Crime Rate

A comparison of crime rate for the year 2018 and 2019 shows that there is a considerable fall of 5.5% in the overall crime rate in Memphis. Motor Vehicle crime rate has reduced by 4.1% and 6.3% fall in property crime rate.

Gun related violence has decreased by 7.2% and there is a 24.8% decrease in Recidivism Rate.

However, Major Violent Juvenile Charges and murder rates have increased considerably by 32.4% and 2.2% respectively.

Reported robberies has decreased by 20.8% but aggravated assaults have increased by 2.2% in Memphis.

It is seen that there is a decrease of 0.5% rate in the neighborhood watch groups.

To reduce the crime rate, safe community 3 plan, a five-year proposal that spreads up to 2021 evolved with a hope that it will help lessen violent crime by 30%, property crime by 30% and shrink the overall crime percent by 25.

The objectives of this community plans are:

Strengthening the community engagement in crime prevention efforts by partnering with neighborhood groups and law enforcement, and other government agencies.

Reinforce law enforcement’s ability to trim down violent street crime by resolving the shortage of law enforcement staffing and using of technology, and other resources to enforce better service to the community.

Build up intervention programs by providing job placement and needed mental health support for ex-offenders to break the cycle of crime. Increase domestic violence prevention as well as intervention efforts by elaborating Family Safety Centers.

Increase intervention sessions by establishing a youth assessment center for juveniles committing delinquent acts to provide needs assessments, and suitable interventions for non-violent young offenders.

Memphis has so many attractions and it is safe for the tourists since, there will be police patrol all around the day but still, you have to take care of your properties and aware of panhandlers. If you have the idea of moving to Memphis, you should know whether it is safe to live in there and about the crime rate.

Government agencies are taking steps to improve the public safety in Memphis by determining and encouraging evidence-based workable practices. You can also contribute in reducing the crime rates by organizing neighborhood watch groups, if there is not one, in your area.

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