How Effective Is Physical Therapy to Treat Rotator Cuff Tendinitis?

Shoulder injury like “rotator cuff tendinitis is commonly seen in amateur and professional level athletes. This injury is also known by a few other names as swimmer’s shoulder, impingement, and bursitis. If you have got this injury, then you need to contact a skilled physical therapist, who would provide you the right set of exercises to heal your rotator cuff tendinitis.

In this article, we will talk about how can physical therapy can help you manage the pain, as well as recover from the injury.

About Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Before you begin with understanding the rotator cuff tendinitis, it is very important to get a sound understanding of what it is and how does it happen. Some several muscles and tendons surround the joints of the shoulder bones.

The tendons are situated in the socket of the shoulder. It is the area of intersection of the cap, and the ball of the joint. Tendons get damaged due to an injury or overwork and get inflamed.

The most relieving thing about this injury is that there is no need for surgery to recover from it. All you need is ample rest, simple physical therapy stretches, and pain-reducing medications.

All this helps to effectively manage your inflammation. If you do not take necessary action at the right time, then this condition leads to damage in your tendons. It will begin to tear and give you a lot of discomforts.

How can you get this injury?

This inflammation of the shoulder joint tendons can happen to anyone irrespective of your occupation, gender, and age. If you are recurrently lifting your shoulder either while doing workouts, or indulging in sports or lying down on your shoulder, then there are chances that your rotator cuff tendinitis can impact you. Like any other surgery, you can feel stiffness in the muscles, and excruciating pain.

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Steps to treat your rotator cuff tendinitis

Having learned about the injury, and how it happens, you will now learn about the measures to treat it. It is required that you apply ice on the inflamed or injured area for around 30 minutes every four intervals. The next thing that you need to consider is complete abstinence from any physical activity that involves the movement of your shoulder.

The third step towards treating your rotator cuff tendinitis is to consume anti-inflammatory medication, like ibuprofen. It will help in lowering swelling and effectively manage pain. Before you consume any medicine, you must consult from your doctor about its effect on the body.

How much time does it take to heal from the injury?

In maximum cases when you follow the above treatment guidelines and physical therapy diligently, you can get recover from this condition in a period of 15 days to one month.

If your injury is extreme, then it can even take a couple of months to recover. However, the exact time of healing depends on the age, underlying medical conditions, the criticality of illness, etc.

What are the advantages of implementing Physical Therapy?

If the traditional home-remedies like ice treatment, medication, and rest doesn’t give you complete healing, then you need to turn to physical therapy. Little movements of shoulder can cause you a lot of trouble.

However, just the use of medication alone won’t temporarily take away the pain. You also need proper therapy, to get complete and speedy recovery from the injury. The combination of these two practices is sure to give you effective results.

Getting the assistance of a professional physical therapist will recommend you impactful stretches to relieve from the soaring pulls of the inflamed tendons. According to the extent of your movement, you will be advised to perform a few stretching exercises regularly. Your recovery will depend on how diligent and sincere you are in performing these exercises.

What kind of exercises can you expect from physical therapy?

Physical therapy plays a significant role to recover from rotator cuff tendinitis. Here, you will learn about specific stretches and exercises that you can easily perform at home, and in office. These exercises are simple and easy to perform.

All you need is to perform the moves with 5 pounds or 10-pounds. All you need is to keep the weight on one of the injured shoulders. Next, you will need to rotate your shoulders and make small circles.

Do not try to move your shoulder quickly or pressurize your shoulder in any way, as it can lead to unbearable physical pain. Circle your arm ten times in an anti-clockwise and clockwise direction for each shoulder. Do this once or twice a day.

Another exercise that you will need to do is to hold the elbow of your injured arm. Stretch the limb across the body and keep it stable for ten-seconds. Repeat this procedure at varying angles.

These are one of the exercises that you could be advised to perform in your physical therapy to treat your rotator cuff tendinitis. Depending on the strength, pain threshold, and capabilities, you need to alter the exercise.

Why should you look for a skilled therapist?

It is very important to seek quick relief. You should start taking physical therapy sessions soon to relieve yourself from excruciating pain. It is also a good way to prevent the hassle related to surgeries.

The right assistance of a physical therapist won’t just assist you in enhancing your life but also help you recover your lost strength. The assistance of certified orthopedic specialists will help in the effective diagnosis of your condition and ensure quick healing.


Whether you have come across an unfortunate accident or a sports injury, physical therapy that aims for tendonitis is all you need to get effective recovery from your injury.

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