Top 7 Signs That You Need to Remove A Tree Immediately

7 Signs that you need to remove a tree:

  1. It’s a wrong tree:

Just like us, trees are different from one another and need a favorable atmosphere to grow and prosper. Some need extreme sunlight, whereas some do well in colder climates. Now, if you feel your tree isn’t doing well in the climate you live in, it might be time to call tree removal Sydney company.

  1. Decaying roots:

There is no doubt about the fact that roots are the most important part of any plant or tree. Now, if you find that the roots are severed or the ground seems lifted around them, they are either damaged or decaying. In both the cases, you must remove the tree as soon as possible.

  1. Unhealthy bark:

If you notice that the bark is chipping, peeling, or have a brown and dry layer underneath, this means the tree is on a decline. If you will call in a professional, they will perform a thorough scratch test on different spots of the bark and make sure whether you need a tree removal or not.

  1. Leaves don’t appear normal:

Discoloration of leaves is a clear sign that a particular tree is diseased. Next, if you notice a difference in the pattern of leaf fall cycle, it means that the tree is in falling health.

  1. Fungus formation:

Along with discoloration, if you see fungus on your tree, understand that your tree is rotting. There are medications to control this situation, but if the fungus has already reached the roots and branches, the only option is to remove the tree.

  1. Leaning branches:

If a tree starts changing its structure weirdly, it is a sign that it needs to be removed. Besides, a tree leaning on one side can be dangerous to you and your property, as it might fall anytime.

  1. Odd growth:

Growth of fungi, an unknown plant, or a mushroom on a tree is a sign of infection. There are chances that there is infestation of insects and pests around the roots. Certainly, in such a case you should get it removed immediately.


A tree which is decaying or looks unhealthy, should be removed immediately. Such a tree can affect the soil quality as well as disturb the growth of other trees. So, if you are noticing any of the above-mentioned signs, it is best to call and get it removed.

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