Why Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses Are So Popular?

Mauve is a beautifully romantic shade of purple with gray undertones to it. It’s not pastel yet brings creates a dreamy look for your wedding decor, and has been always a favorite with brides and bridesmaids. We think the trend is here to stay. So, what makes mauve bridesmaid dresses tick? Keep reading as we tell the top reasons behind the raging popularity of this gorgeous hue and how it can add more oomph and grace to your bridal party.

Perfect for Any Time of the Year

Bridesmaid dresses and overall wedding decor is largely dependent on the time of the year you’re celebrating the big D-day. While saturated tones are great for winter, pastels and light hues work well for spring and summer. With this dusty purple shade, you can’t go wrong no matter what time of the year. With a mild undertone of gray, this color works well for fall and winter weddings if you want to include a lighter hue for your wedding palette and give your bridal party a dreamy look. For spring and summer weddings, the mix of light purple and gray brings a soft romantic vibe to your wedding decor, while making your bridesmaids look fresh and dainty.

Looks Ethereal in Many Styles

Mauve is a pretty and feminine color that complements different body shapes and skin tones so your bridesmaids will look and feel confident on the big D-day. You’ll find mauve bridesmaid dresses in hundreds of styles, fabrics, and many different silhouettes, giving your bridesmaids several options to pick from. Classic styles such as a plunging V-neck design or a halter neck pattern bring to life this beautiful tone of soft purple. Newer silhouettes such as a strapless gown with a draped bodice or an over-shoulder design work well when crafted in this elegant color. Needless to say, mauve makes any bridesmaid dress look stunning, and is sure to give your bridal party a classy look.

Complements Beautiful Bridesmaid Accessories

This neutral hue gives your bridal squad the perfect opportunity to sport pretty accessories and enhances their bouquets. Almost all-colored blooms mesh well with mauve. Think bouquets with white, red or pink roses and seasonal trims that’ll look great when paired with mauve dresses. Elegant jewelry in silver or pearls with a hint of glitter is also the perfect compliment to mauve bridesmaid dresses.

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