Get More People into Your IRL Store

If you have a brick and mortar business with employees, you know that you need people coming into your store in order to keep your business open. By offering in-store amenities, creating an online connection, and taking care of your storefront you can get more customers. Simple things like a place to sit, free Wi-Fi and a way to use it, and feather flags that advertise what you do and what you offer are easy to add to your daily activities. With the way the Internet works, you could even create something viral that will do your marketing for you.

In-Store Amenities

If you can offer a lounge area, you could be in luck for getting people to come in and take a load off. Shopping is hard work. Reward the people that come into your place of business with a nice place to sit. Throw in some coffee, tea, and light snacks, and people will love coming into your store. Add a USB charger, and you can bet people will be grateful for the amenities, which will lead to sales now and in the future.

Online Connection

Free Wi-Fi may seem like an obvious amenity that you should have at your store, but not everyone offers it. If you do have free Wi-Fi, make sure you let your customers know, and then add a way for them to use it. A selfie wall or opportunities to take photos with in-store sculptures is a great way to get people to use their own social media accounts to advertise your business. Include a hashtag and add in a contest, and you could find yourself with a larger reach than you ever expected.

Storefront Appeal

If you want people to come into your store, you have to make sure that your store looks open and is appealing. A great window display is a good way to attract attention. PortableĀ feather flags are one way to indicate definitively that your store is open for business and what it offers inside. Sandwich chalkboards are a good way to get noticed and hit the social media crowd. Provide a funny saying or great chalk art, and you’ll have the opportunity to go viral. Even if you’re not in charge of the sidewalk or the parking lot, make sure that you do your best to keep it swept and clean, so people find your area inviting.

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