How to Maximize Space in Your Small Office

Whether you notice it or not, the environment you’re working in can affect your productivity. If the place is messy, dark, and cramped, it can make employees less efficient and demotivate them. Buying additional space can be expensive and sometimes unnecessary, especially if all it takes is proper planning and the right furniture.

Read on to find out how you can maximize your small office’s space.

Choose Space-Saving Furniture

Large and bulky furniture can make your office look even smaller. Instead, opt for space-saving, compact items with more open silhouettes.

For a small office, compact desks that don’t take up a lot of space is ideal. Choose models that have convenient built-in features such as shelving, keyboard trays, drawers, and overhead compartments. These will give you additional storage while still keeping your files and items organized. If a mobile workstation is a must, opt for one that’s wheeled, so it’s easier to move and store.

If you want a waiting area for your guests, you don’t need long, bulky benches that won’t be used very often. Instead, go for expanding chairs that can transform. That way, they can be easily stowed away when not in use.

Carefully Plan a Layout

When you have a smaller office, every square foot matters. Before filling it up with furniture and equipment, take out your measuring tape and note the dimensions of each room, including the height. Make a layout that’ll effectively┬ásuit your business and work requirements. Apart from that, it’ll help you create a floor plan with an easy flow of foot traffic.

Let in Natural Light

Natural light can create a bigger-looking office. If your workplace has large and open windows, try not to cover it with heavy curtains or big furniture. Apart from that, a brighter environment can also be beneficial for your staff. Studies show that employees work better in a well-lit room, while dark spaces can make them feel tired and drowsy.

If your office lacks windows, use overhead lighting like a track with LED spots or recessed LED. Avoid using floor lamps since this can take up much-needed space.

Utilize the Walls

Instead of whiteboards that come with a stand, take advantage of your walls by going for ones that can be mounted on the wall. This also applies to cork or pegboards that can be used to display memos, notices, and notes.

You can also install shelving and wall storages to keep your files organized instead of having them cluttered on desks.

Any workplace can look a lot bigger with the right layout and equipment. Thankfully, there’s an office source in Anchorage AK, that sells space-saving and efficient furniture and accessories.

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