Tips to Help You Find the Best Chandelier for Your Room

The sheer exuberance and glamour of a chandelier has the power to transform any space. When planning the interiors of any room, pay special attention to the fixtures. Installing a chandelier instantly upgrades your room design. There is no reason to limit chandeliers to only the living room and dining room. They can be installed in kitchen and even bathroom.

Selecting a chandelier:

Rectangular ones are ideal for dining room. Start by fixing a budget in mind. Chandeliers are available at different price range. The starting price of smaller ones is around $50 and the prices go up steeply depending on the size and the type of crystals used. The decent ones that are going to be the statement piece in your room would easily cost $250.

Manufacturing a chandelier requires special expertise and a lot of attention to detail which is why you’ll find very few chandelier manufacturers in the US and EU. Most of the chandeliers are exported from abroad. A piece of chandelier has to go through importers, wholesalers, stores/ websites before being available to you with everyone in the middle adding a cost.

Best way to buy stunning chandelier without paying extra:

Make an online purchase of rectangular crystal chandelier at the manufacturer price from the website ‘’. The US based website features a wide collection of designs at competitive prices and offers free shipping. Consider the following factors before zeroing on a particular chandelier to avoid future regrets especially since you are getting it online.

  • The vibe/environment you are aiming for: The resulting vibes differ based on the choice of chandelier. There is a difference between choosing a small quaint one overlooking your breakfast nook and a large expansive one in your ritzy dining room.
  • Room’s dimensions: The chandelier shouldn’t look out of place. Use your room’s blueprint to see the measurements or measure the length, width and height of the room. Adding the room’s length and width in feet will give the preferable diameter of the piece.
  • Room height: In addition to the floor space, consider the vertical space to determine the chandelier size. For every feet of ceiling height, you can add 2 to 3 inches to the chandelier. For instance: A 24-24-inch chandelier works well for a 12 feet high ceiling.
  • Type of crystals: You have a choice between Swarovski elements crystal glass, Spectra crystal, Egyptian/Moroccan crystal, Turkish Crystal, Italian crystal, K9 and Chinese crystal. Many prefer crystals over glass considering aesthetics and safety. When shopping for rectangular chandeliers, find one that has evenly sized crystals.
  • Return of investment: Having a chandelier is a source of investment. Down the line when you put your house on sale, your chandelier is bound to attract a lot of potential buyers. Remember to post amazing pictures of your chandelier when listing your house for sale.
  • Chandelier frame: The frame is as important as the fanciness of the crystals. A great frame sets the tone right.

Opt for LED lighting to make it more high-tech. This option saves energy and also eco-friendly. Choose a stellar chandelier piece for your dining room and wow the guests. It is guaranteed to be a conversation-starter.

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