Northeastern University Offers Great Opportunities to Students in An Excellent Atmosphere

Northeastern University Offers Great Opportunities to Students in An Excellent Atmosphere

Are you on the lookout for colleges? Deciding on the college is one of the important decisions since it alters the course of your career. Since there are way too many options available, many tend to feel overwhelmed. Avoid letting the sheer availability of opportunities get to you. Some of the important criteria you need to keep in mind while short listing colleges are:

  • Select your discipline: By now you’ll have an idea about which field you want to pursue. There are also colleges offering interesting interdisciplinary programs you haven’t thought about. Make sure the discipline you choose has ample employment opportunities.
  • Explore the options: You’ll need to search for colleges which offer good training for that particular academic program. Do your research online and find out the benefits of enrolling in a particular campus.
  • Visit the campus: It is not uncommon for many to start their freshman year in a preferred college only to find out later that they don’t find the atmosphere comfortable. It is better to take a tour of the shortlisted colleges and see if you’d like studying in such an atmosphere.
  • Get your priorities straight: Some of the key factors to consider are location, research opportunities, fee structure, availability of financial aids, size of campus, housing availability and on-campus activities. List your priorities and narrow down your choice.
  • Ask for advice: Get guidance from guidance counselors, friends and college seniors who are studying the same discipline and choose the one that fits your needs.

Northeastern University at Boston offers experiential education and vast range of opportunities in both majors and campus activities. Admission is competitive with the acceptance rate being 28.9%. The Northeastern University average GPA is 4.01 which mean you’ll likely require straight A’s.

It you are seeking admission to Northeastern University visit ‘’ for information on the admission process. The website also contains other useful university-related information. Go through it thoroughly before going ahead with the admission process.

Admission requirements for freshmen:

  • Submitting application through Common Application or Coalition Application
  • $75 Application fee
  • Teacher/ secondary school counselor recommendations
  • Secondary school transcripts, final junior-year grades, First semester grades
  • Official SAT/ACT results
  • Official GED score receipts for GED recipients
  • English proficiency

There are additional requirements for selected courses and for transfer applicants.

Transfer credits:

Students who were enrolled in two-year College may transfer up to 60 credits while student enrolled previously in four-year College may transfer up to 80 credits. The maximum permissible number of transferable credits is 60 for students from institutions that are not AACSB-accredited. Courses with grade C or higher are considered for credits transfer.

For International Applicants:

Students based on outside of U.S needn’t submit ACT/SAT scores. Only after obtaining proper employment authorization, international students are permitted to begin, resume or extend any type of employment.

Northeastern University offers a fantastic co-op program thus attracting a large number of students. Admission to Northeastern University presents you with a number of opportunities with a challenging education system.

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