A Guide To Know Important Things About ACT/ SAT

ACT / SAT Score is one of the important pre-requisites for colleges. A student needs to fulfill this eligibility criterion to get his admission application approved. In this article, we will give you the necessary tips, and information to help you learn the minimum ACT/SAT score for ordinary, elite colleges, and public colleges etc.

What Is The Lowest Level Of ACT Score That You Can Get?

The ACT is a test that is scored on a composite scale from 1 to 36. This composite score is calculated as the average of your four section scores and then rounding them up. .5 is rounded up to 1.

The average score for ACT is 21. The 75th percentile score is 24, and the 25th percentile score is 16. So, getting a score of 16 implies that you have performed better than the rest twenty-five percent of students who took this test.

Looking at individual sections, around 99% of all students who sit for this test score more than seven in English, around 99% scored more than twelve in Mathematics, around 99% scored more than nine in Reading, and around 99% scored more than eleven in Science.

So, even if you made a guess on every question, you are going to get a composite score of 11 to 13. So, it is close to impossible, that you will get an ACT score of below 11.

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What is the minimum ACT Score to get into ELITE colleges?

Elite colleges are very selective in their admission. The acceptance in these colleges is very low. Only, if you score exceptionally well in all the required areas, you have a chance to make an entry into those colleges.

If you are aiming for a more selective school like Princeton, and the University of Chicago, then you will need to obtain a high ACT score. You will be required to score a minimum of 30 to get your application considered by the admission panel.

Which schools give relaxation to ACT test scores?

Public universities have special criteria for admissions of resident students that either compensate or allow for a low standardized test score. For example, publicly funded Texas universities, due to space issues, have reduced the cap to the best seven percentages or eight percentages in recent years.

Specialized schools such as music and art schools have low standardized test requirements for students as their primary admission criterion is the creative talent of a student. If you show your creative schools, then you have better chances of getting admission with an average ACT test score.


You must have now known what the minimum ACT score is that you need to secure for getting admission in the college. In addition to this score, ensure that you fulfill the other criteria too to enhance your chances of admission to the college.

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